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      Magnet FAQ

      How to choose the horn magnet? What factors should be considered?

      Horn magnet is a kind of magnet with a large amount in the market. At present, there are three kinds of horn magnet materials in the market: alnico, ferrite and ndfeb.

      Al-nickel-cobalt was one of the earliest magnets for horns, such as the trumpets of the 1950s and 1960s (known as tweeters). Generally made of internal magnetic horn (external magnetic can also be used). The disadvantages are smaller power, a narrower frequency range, hardness and fragility, inconvenient processing, and the fact that cobalt is a scarce resource and relatively expensive. From the cost - performance point of view, the horn magnet choose alnico less.

      Ferrite is generally made into external magnetic horn, ferrite magnetic property is relatively low, need to have a certain volume to meet the driving force of the horn, so generally used in the larger volume of sound horn. The advantage of ferrite is that the price is cheap, cost-effective; The disadvantages are larger size, smaller power and narrower frequency range.

      The magnetic properties of NdFeB are much better than that of alnico and ferrite. It is the most widely used magnet on the loudspeaker at present, especially the high-end loudspeaker. It has the advantages of small volume, high power and wide frequency range under the same magnetic flux. At present, the hifi headset basically uses this kind of magnet. Its disadvantage is that it contains rare earth elements, so the material price is high.

      Performance comparison of permanent magnet materials
      Performance comparison of permanent magnet materials

      What factors should be taken into account when selecting the horn magnet?
      First of all, it is necessary to determine the ambient temperature at which the horn works, and which magnet should be selected according to the temperature. Different magnets have different temperature resistance characteristics and can support different maximum operating temperature. When the working temperature of the magnet exceeds the maximum working temperature, the phenomenon of magnetic property attenuation and demagnetization may occur, which will directly affect the sound production effect of the horn.

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