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    2. DongGuan Courage Magnetoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd

      Company news

      The thinnest thickness of Nd-Fe-B magnets we can produce is 0.4mm

      Courage - one of the professional motor and motor magnet manufacturers in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, is good at processing custom-made rare earth Nd-Fe-B magnets, high-performance Nd-Fe-B special-shaped magnets, micro-precision magnets, motors, sensors with radial multipolar magnetic rings, injection-moulded ferrite magnets, ferrite magnets (magnets) and so on, providing solutions to magnet schemes, professional knowledge of magnets, is a purchase, engineering, research and development value. Must collect the motor magnet website.
      Now, Xiaobian found that many customers asked for Nd-Fe-B sheets. Often they would ask, how many mm can you make the thinnest magnet? Also, mobile phones are becoming thinner and thinner now. The speaker camera of mobile phones is naturally thinner and thinner. This requires that manufacturers of magnets have certain strength and experience.
      A samarium cobalt magnet was proofed for a precision electronics factory in Wuxi before the small edition. Its thickness is 0.2mm and how thin is 0.2mm? It is equivalent to the thickness of two ordinary A4 paper. It is very troublesome to produce such thin paper, and the scrap rate is high. It is suggested that the thickness of A4 paper should be more than 0.4mm.
      Not only Nd-Fe-B magnets, but also ferrite magnets can be made with a thickness of less than 1 mm. The ferrite sheet shown below is 0.65. The specifications of the magnets are F12.5*8.5*0.65.
      Ultrathin Ferrite Magnets
      If you want to customize micro precision magnets, square ultra-thin NdFeB magnets, ultra-thin NdFeB magnets quotation proofing welcome to contact us.
      Warm Tip: Because the thickness of the magnet is thin, it is easy to break, so use it with extra care.
      The article belongs to the company's news column. It is originally edited by Xiao Fu of Dongguan Courage Magnetoelectrics Technology Co., Ltd. It can not be reproduced or duplicated without permission.

      Ultra-thin ndfeb magnet products;
      Ultra-thin Nd-Fe-B circular magnet 0.8mm thick             Thin small neodymium magnet 1mm x 0.5mm

      keyword tags Ultra thin magnet Ndfeb thickness 0.4mm thick neodymium magnet

      Article link:http://www.26yangyang.icu/news/gsxw/107.html

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      Contact: Emily Feng

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      Email: salesd@dgcourage.com

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