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    2. DongGuan Courage Magnetoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd

      Company news

      Custom molded ferrite multi pole magnetic ring, We are serious

      Want to buy injection molded magnetic rotor?
      Do you want to customize the injection molded ferrite multi pole magnetic ring?
      Looking for environmental protection injection magnetic samples?
      Looking for an experienced and professional magnet supplier?
      We need to find
      Dongguan courage magnetoelectric Technology Co., Ltd
      Courage magnetoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of motor and magnet with excellent technology, processing and customization. The company mainly deals in magnetic materials such as ferrite (sintered ferrite multipolar ring injection ferrite ferrite tile) and rare earth neodymium iron boron (heterogeneous neodymium iron boron strong magnetic neodymium iron boron tile neodymium iron boron component bonding neodymium iron boron) and so on.
      At present, our main customers are motor customers. We have business contacts with many well-known motor manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta. In order to avoid the leakage of the company's customer information, we will not introduce more here. We are interested in cooperating with our company to find out about our company. You can contact our customer service personnel on our website.
      If you do not plan to open the mold just want to find out the ready-made injection magnetic specifications and are in a hurry, you can also contact our company, maybe the company you are looking for has a suitable ready-made mold for processing.
      Do motor magnetic injection ferrite multi pole magnetic ring, we are professional, serious, have need of friends to contact us, as long as you have demand, we have been!

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      Contact: Emily Feng

      Phone: 135-5660-1560

      Tel: 0769-23388351/2

      Email: salesd@dgcourage.com

      Add: No. 302, No. 1, Longtong Road, Xinhe Community, Wanjiang District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China