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    2. DongGuan Courage Magnetoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd

      Industry news

      Teach you know Magnetic tile: Specification Writing Format of Magnetic tile

      For new people who have just come into contact with the magnet industry, it must be very strange for the magnetic tile. What does each part of the magnetic tile represent? What is the correct written form of the tile? Today, the small editor of Karich Magnet Manufacturer comes to chat with you.
      Schematic diagram of magnet tiles
      Through the above magnetic tile sketch, we can clearly know where is the magnetic tile and which part is clear.
      In fact, the magnet industry is quite good, so what is a writing format of magnetic tile? It's necessary for us to understand.
      Magnetic tile format: R outer arc * r inner arc * W chord width * L axis length * H arch height * T wall thickness
      This article is originally shared by the magnet supplier Courage Xiaofu. Reprinted please indicate the source. Thank you. Respecting others means respecting yourself.

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