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      Introduce the unique characteristic and advantages of Injection Plastic NdFeB

      Injection Molded NdFeB? As if I have never heard of it, what I'm telling you today is about injection moulding Nd-Fe-B. What composition does injection moulding Nd-Fe-B consist of? What are its unique advantages?
      What is Injection Molded NdFeB?
      Injection Molded NdFeB
      In short, injection-moulded Nd-Fe-B magnet is a new composite material made of Nd-Fe-B magnetic powder and plastic (nylon, PPS, etc.) macromolecule materials by special technology. The magnet with high performance of Nd-Fe-B and high efficiency and precision of injection moulding was prepared by injection moulding process. New materials and unique technology make it have some unique characteristics:
      1. It has both steel and elasticity. It can be machined into thin-walled rings, rods, sheets and various special and complex shapes (such as steps, damping grooves, holes, positioning pins, etc.). It can be made into mini-moment and multi-poles.
      2. The magnet and other metal inserts (gear, screw, special-shaped hole, etc.) can be formed at one time, and cracks and fractures are not easy to occur.
      3. The magnet does not need cutting and other mechanical processing. The product has high yield, high tolerance precision and smooth surface after forming.
      4. The use of plastic products makes the products thinner and lighter, and the motor inertia and starting current are smaller.
      5. Plastic macromolecule material can effectively coat magnetic powder, which makes the anti-corrosion effect of magnet better.
      6. Unique injection moulding process improves the internal uniformity of the magnet and the magnetic field uniformity on the surface of the magnet is better.
      Where is the injection moulded Nd-Fe-B magnetic ring used?
      It is mainly used in automation equipment, sensors, permanent magnet DC motor, axial fan, hard disk spindle motor HDD, frequency conversion air conditioning motor, instrument motor and other fields.
      PS: Injection-moulded NdFeB magnet has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, can be integrated with other parts, high performance-price ratio, but the surface coating or plating corrosion resistance of injection-moulded NdFeB magnet is low.

      Injection moulding NdfeB products;
      Injection ndfeb magnetic steel

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