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    2. DongGuan Courage Magnetoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd

      Industry news

      Packing industry magnet (type, specification and size matters needing attention)

      Packaging industry used magnet, there are dismantling experience friends may have seen, but do not know what its name is, it is known as ndfeb, is a strong magnetic force, most packaging, printing, handbag factory is the use of performance is relatively low ndfeb magnet, galvanized, cheap.
      The following mainly introduces the packaging industry magnet types, common specifications and dimensions, as well as the use of packaging magnets for some considerations.
      What kinds of magnet applications are there in the packaging industry?
      Packing magnets often use circular ndfeb magnets, square ndfeb magnets, side magnets, and single-sided magnets (the inner magnetic field is larger than the iron case).
      What are the general specifications and dimensions of magnets in the packaging industry?
      In the packaging industry, the length range of the square magnet is generally 8-35mm, the width is generally 5-15mm, the thickness is 1-3mm, such as F10*5*3.
      Disc magnets/single-sided magnets are generally between 8 and 15mm in diameter and 1 to 2mm in thickness, such as D15*1, 10*2.
      What should I pay attention to when using packing magnets?
      Packing magnets are relatively thin, so they should be used or designed to avoid direct collision between magnets and suction, considering the distance between magnets and avoiding damage.
      Ok, that's it. If you need to purchase customized high performance ndfeb magnets and high temperature resistant magnets, please remember to CALL us.

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