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      Performance parameter table of injection ndfeb magnet steel

      Hello, everyone, I'm Xiaofu, a manufacturer of Courage magnet steel. On the first day of work in September, when I searched for the key word of injection moulding NdFeB in the morning, I found that there were two unsolved needs of users. The performance parameters of injection moulding NdFeB and the tables of injection moulding NdFeB parameters. So, this article is to share with you.
      Injection-moulded NdFeB is a new composite material which is made of NdFeB magnetic powder and plastic (nylon, PPS, etc.) macromolecule material by special technology. One of our colleagues in Xiaobian has used this material to apply on automobiles.
      Okay, let's not talk much. Here's the table of the performance parameters of the injection moulded Nd-Fe-B magnets you want.

      The following picture shows plastic injection NdFeB magnet performance table
      plastic injection NdFeB magnet performance table

      Note: The above characteristic with the magnet shape and the size have the relations. The product performance obtains the confirmation by the actual product.
      Thank you for your visit. I hope this article will be helpful to you.

      Injection moulding Nd-Fe-B related products;
      Injection Plastic NdFeB Magnet                          Injection ndfeb magnetic steel

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      Introduce the unique characteristic and advantages of Injection Plastic NdFeB

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      Article link:http://www.26yangyang.icu/news/hyxw/344.html

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