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      The difference between gauss meter, tesla meter and fluxmeter of magnetometer

      Gauss meter (Tesla meter) and fluxmeter are commonly used for testing magnetic properties of magnetic materials. What is the difference between them?

      Most gaussimeters are based on hall sensors, and the more accurate ones are magnetoresistance sensors, which can detect the magnetic induction intensity of an object and a point in space. The unit of gaussians is Gs, mT, T, etc. The measured magnetic field varies with the position and Angle of the measured point. It is often used to measure the surface magnetic field of permanent magnet, the air gap magnetic field, the remanence and residual magnetism after the workpiece demagnetization, the horn magnetic leakage measurement, the environmental magnetic field measurement and so on.
      Hall effect Gauss meter

      Tesla meter is gauss meter, due to different units, so there are a variety of names, such as the hauttesla meter, such as 1T=1000mt=10000gs, now many people like to use gaussian units, feel a little intuitive.

      Fluxmeter uses the principle of electronic integration to detect the whole magnetic flux of the object through Helmholtz coil and plane coil. It measures the unit wave. The magnetic moment is equal to the flux coil constant and the magnetic moment is a fixed value. So the magnetic moment is one of the important indexes to judge the performance of magnetic materials. Under the condition of uniform magnetic field (idealized) flux is equal to the area multiplied by magnetic induction intensity. It is mostly used to detect permanent magnets, magnets and magnetic tiles.

      Which is better, a Gauss meter or a fluxmeter?
      When you choose, you must first find out what kind of occasion you are using, so that you can correctly choose the most suitable testing instrument.

      That's the difference between Gauss meter, Tesla meter and fluxmeter. Do you understand?

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