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      What is injection molded magnet? Injection molding magnet irreplaceable advantages

      I am courage magnet manufacturers xiaofu, is a love to learn magnet, love to share the knowledge of a person, today to share is what is injection magnetic, injection magnetic has what kind of unique advantages? How is the magnetic temperature resistance of the injection molding? Don't worry, listen to small make up slowly way!
      Injection molding magnetic brief introduction:
      Injection molding magnet is composed of nylon and magnetic powder. The magnet is produced by injection molding with a special injection molding machine. Compared with other processes for making permanent magnets, injection molding has unique and irreplaceable advantages.
      Why use injection molded magnets? What are the unique advantages of injection molding magnetism?
      Injection ferrite magnet
      Injection molding can produce magnets with complex shapes. In addition, the injection molding process can adopt the methods of "embedded molding", "multi-step molding" and "multi-workpiece molding" to combine the magnet and other parts into a single molding, thus saving the cost of secondary processing and assembly. Injection molding technology can produce both isotropic and anisotropic magnets. The anisotropic magnet needs an external oriented magnetic field when forming, so that the magnetic powder in the melt state of the polymer has a certain orientation, that is, orientation, and can achieve multipole magnetization. The injection molding process enables the product to have good consistency in size and performance. During the molding process, the mold cavity is completely filled by the material at the highest concentration under the strong injection pressure. In addition, the material contains thermoplastic binder, which makes the magnet obtain good physical and mechanical properties
      Properties: due to the high content of polymer binder in the magnetic body of injection molding, the magnet itself has a strong corrosion resistance, usually without the need for surface coating protection.
      Dimension accuracy: because the dimension of injection molding products is consistent with that of injection mold cavity, the dimension accuracy of products can be controlled relatively high. In addition, the binder in the material in cooling shrinkage will also cause product size changes, the extent of shrinkage depends on the thickness and shape of the product. The typical dimensional tolerance is ±0.05mm.
      PS: injection molding magnetic also has a feature: durable consumer goods can be 20~150 degrees without demagnetization! And the motor magnetic strip when the working environment more than 80 degrees demagnetization is very powerful!
      Injection molding magnets are widely applied in automation equipment, rotor brushless dc motor rotor, frequency, frequency conversion air conditioning fan motor rotor motor, brushless dc refrigerator damper motor rotor, energy-saving smoke lampblack machine, automobile fuel tank magnetic ring, instrument, lamps and lanterns, printer and copier magnetic roller, buffer cylinder, water pump motor, water heaters accessories, energy-saving induction cooker, swimming pool equipment pipe fittings, motorcycles, cameras, clocks and watches, audio, all kinds of motor sensing devices, home appliances, home floor electric fan, ceiling fan, exhaust fan, cooling fan, blower, office automation, transmission, all kinds of toys, magnetic therapy of medicine and health products and daily life all the fields Domain and so on.
      If you want to get further understanding, such as injection molding magnet prices, specifications, models, performance and more information, you are welcome to contact us at any time, we welcome new and old customers to consult and negotiate!

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