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    2. DongGuan Courage Magnetoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd

      Injection Molded Magnets

      Small size injection molded ferrite ring, Outer diameter 9.5mm

      • Material: injection molded ferrite
      • Size: customized according to customer drawing and sample processing
      • Supplier: courage magnet
      • Shelf time: 2019-12-25 13:12:23
      • The company undertakes all kinds of specifications of injection magnet, injection nylon magnet, plastic magnetic rotor. If you need to purchase customized customers, please come to the drawing and sample to evaluate the price.
      • INQUIRY Email Us
      It is a new kind of composite permanent magnetic material with the features of flexible shaping, precision dimension, adjustable magnetic properties, fine coherence, composite molding, elastic magnetization and high mechanical strength.
      Widely used in many different applications ,stable magnetic  property with strong demagnetization resistance capability. Good corrosion resistance capability, no coating. The injection bonded ferrite magnet is widely applied in core components and parts of micro machine, location sensor, buzzer, con-tactless  distributor For automotive and home appliance industry.

      Welcome to email for inquiry and sample

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